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Featured Solution: Intralarm by Interactive Webware

Posted on the 18th of July

Intralarm by Interactive Webware

A plant’s alarm system is a critical line of defense against costly and destructive instrumentation events. It is essential that an alarm system provide operators with notifications that lead them to the root cause of a problem by filtering out superfluous alarms. Many alarm systems in place today perform sub-optimally, undermining operator awareness, and operators are often bogged down with the excessive information reported by these ineffective systems. When it comes to an alarm system, relevant data is not just an aspiration - it's a fundamental necessity. Intralarm by Interactive Webware was designed from the ground-up to integrate with a plant's network, to safely attach to PRoVOX and/or DeltaV process control systems, and to consolidate event information into a readable, user-friendly operator's dashboard. Intralarm was developed for Arkema, Inc. to provide their plant operators with a comprehensive set of tools to help them filter out & sort through the multitude of event data reported by their instrumentation & control equipment.

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